Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I was going to post the results of the Great Bathroom Debate of 2010 (you remember - the correct steps to entering, taking and leaving a shower), but I can't find where I stuck the responses. That's ok. Nobody got it right. In other words, nobody thought the way I shower was the best way. So, they were wrong.

I just read on one of my favorite blogs that I should blog everday, even if it just a picture with a caption. Just something. I also read that I should thank my readers often, so thank you.

Since I have lost all of the wrong responses to the GBD of 2010, I have decided to share with you the contents of my purse! This decision was made when I discovered a loose peanut M&M in there minutes ago. I know you must be very excited to read on!

1. orange peanut M&M
2. hard dock hugger with my camera inside
3. Broadway Diner (Atlanta) coupon
4. Fox theater brochure
5. two wet naps (unused - don't be gross)
6. zaxby's receipt
7. wallet
8. 2 peppermints
9. exterior master key for new work building
10. Panama Jack lip balm bought 4 summers ago
11. 3 pens
12. 1 pencil
13. Bud Light Auburn football schedule (yes, for this season)
14. pink highlighter
15. 2 dollars
16. tube of neosporin
17. wine cork (no idea - oh wait, I remember. Bottle of wine from Simp McGee's - I wanted to remember the label so I could buy it. Called Writer's Block, and I think Shakespeare is on the bottle
18. cell phone
19 paperclip
20. 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 2 nickels, 7 pennies (in other words 97 cents)

There you have it! Interesting read, no? Hope I didn't loose any of you!

Have I thanked you for reading my blog?

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