Monday, February 7, 2011


1.    The Packer's won the Superbowl.
2.    Two seconds after I said "That was the best halftime show I have seen in years" my boyfriend called me and said "Was that not the most ridiculous halftime show ever?"
3.    Doritos' commercials were fabulous.
4.    My daughter is addicted to TV marathons - Saturday it was a marathon of "GLEE" (which she can't stand) then Sunday "America's Next Top Model."
5.    I'm on a horse.
6.    The Big Dawes' new puppy, Clark, loves me...and only me.
7.    Rachel made a 93 on her Pathophysiology test.
8.    I love strawberry cake.
9.    I think I am trying to see just how long I can go without buying groceries.
10.  Bison's hot wings and cheese fries rock.

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