Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am sooooo excited about Survivor Season 21 starting!  Last night Rayray, TCW and I watched Survivor Redemption Island, and I hate to say it, but people are already getting on my nerves (hint:  Phillip)!  Btut did not appreciate him either (text: "I do not care for the guy in the red panties").  There are many reasons to be excited about this season:

Love the fact that Boston Rob is back.
Love love the fact that Russell is back.
Love love love Jeff Probst and his amazing dimples.
Love love love....ok, I will stop with the love...

Some contestants are just so stupid...

Phillip, if you were a former member of 3 secret government agencies, would you really have told everybody in your tribe the second you got to camp?  Not really a covert operation going on in that brain.

Kristina, you were smart enough to find the idol without a clue, but then so dumb to tell anyone (especially Phillip) that you had it.  How did that work out for you?

Phillip, how many ways can you miss pronounce Francesca's name?  She only corrected you like 12 times.  What kind of spy can't even get a name right?  Please, just give me a break!

So, basically, I don't like Phillip, Kristina, or Francesca...for now.  I am sure some others will make the "Stupid List" next week!


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