Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was looking at my blog stats yesterday (don't worry, I can't tell who reads my blog) and there was a section that showed me "Pageviews by Country."  I didn't know the difference between a pageview and a hit.  A pageview is when someone does a search that pulls your blog into the list, and then they actually open your site!  A hit is just when your site is added to a list from a search. 

Well, believe it or not, I have had 4,875 pageviews to my blog!  I know that most of them clicked on my site, saw what it was, and then said "why do I always get such sh*t when I search."  I have even said that myself.  But it does make me feel kind of good!

Gee, thanks!

United States     4,307
Canada                 151
Russia                   112
United Kingdom    104
Netherlands            64
India                       46
Germany                 30
Japan                      24
Australia                  21
Brazil                       16

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