Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yep, that is exactly what Btut told Lisa Tutb on Sunday.  It took forever for me to get a picture of them not laughing!  

 "No red beans and rice for you!"

 "No red beans and ri......(insert laughter here)

 I must have said something to piss Btut off in this one....

 "No red beans and rice for you!"  That is a great face Btut, but you are supposed to be looking mad and angry at Lisa Tutb (who by the way is laughing her a** off).

 "Ok, hold up.  I can do this.  Just give me a minute."

 "LL you shut up.  Your are the one making me laugh."  Oh yeah, Btut, what is so funny about dead kittys?

"No red beans and rice for you!"  This is the best one of both of their faces looking all mean.  Only problem is, again, Btut is not looking at the right person! 

Ladies, keep your day job.  Acting is not for you!

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