Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey all - It has been one crazy week...and it is just Wednesday!  Please be patient with my lack of blog content...I have been working late and just exhausted once I get home. 

News from the Pennylane:

1.  Rayray is in Colorado visiting the J Man and I miss her sooooo much!
2.  Had a great time at Khef's (pronounced Chef's - you all know why I had to insert the K for a C!) birthday - what with all the trees burning, great pizza, red velvet cake by Miss Sweephay herself, red red wine and great company like TCW, Wino Bill, Btut, the Right Wrights, the Big Dawes, and Andy AndyRandy - who wouldn't have a great time.
3.  I just took my Mom a print out on Folic Acid deficiency - let the symptoms begin!
4.  Fixing to relax and watch Survivor (who would be crazy enough to DVR it and watch it later?) and then Modern Family - two of my favorite shows!

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