Tuesday, March 1, 2011


YES I HAVE BEEN!  And I don't see it getting any better before the weekend.  I would love to take time and discuss many things with my blog readers, but I have no time.  So, lets make it short and sweet...

1.  Oscars kind of sucked
2.  Was Scarlet Johanson drunk at the oscars?
3.  Where is my tv show "The Event?"  It was supposed to come back last night.
4.  Love Fashion Police with Joan Rivers.  That woman will say anything.
5.  Got a haircut Sunday
6.  Open House at work today....Success!
7.  They are out of the buy one get one free Prilosec at Walgreens on 6th.
8.  I am on a horse
9.  Rachel made another 98 on a Psychology test!  So proud.
10.  Re-read number one.

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