Thursday, March 24, 2011


Two Words...pineapple sandwiches.  My family used to eat them all the time.  I thought all Southerners did, but come to find out, most people from the South that I ask "Did you ever eat pineapple sandwiches?" reply no.  I really am surprised.  We ate them all the time...I mean everybody in my family - parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins....

They were so light and refreshing....just white bread, Hellman's and pineapple...kind of like a tomato sandwich.  I did find one Alabamian from Arab that ate pineapple sandwiches, and I have found several people from South Alabama that ate them...maybe that is is a South Alabama thing.  My family IS from Montgomery and below.

By below I mean funny places in South Alabama that you see on the way to the beach like Naftel Station, Ramer, Snowdon, Pintlala (pronounced pent-la-la), Fort Deposit, Ebeneezer and the like!

My favorite Sunday lunch when we didn't eat out was to come home and have what mom called "cold plate."  This would consist of white bread and crackers, pimento cheese (usually homemade), celery, tuna salad with apple, pineapple, potato chips, pickles, cheeses, deviled eggs, sometimes ham.  Then we would all crowd around the table and make whatever kind of sandwich or cracker spread you wanted.  You could have a pimento cheese sandwich, or celery and pimento cheese or pimento cheese and crackers...make a tuna salad sandwich, or just eat it alone...or a pineapple sandwich...and the best part was you could have a half a sandwich of this and a half a sandwich of something else. 

We would laugh and enjoy each other....good memories.

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