Thursday, March 17, 2011


Got a great e-mail from Btut about Survivor last night....thought I could use it as a guest blog...Yes, I am a cheap date!  Thanks Btut - Pink Panties Rule!

Good morning!

Of course, I had to come home from cards and watch Survivor! I was just dying to text LL during the whole thing, but my phone was charging, and it was late. So, I made some notes! Please remember that this is only the second season I've been watching, so my thoughts and observations might be off, but, oh well. I am also sending these to you before stalking Jeff Probst's blog and the blog on I hope you enjoy!

Boston Rob called Phil's underwear, "pink panties!" I thought I would die! Too funny!

I love how when Phil is talking, they put up his name and then Former Federal Agent? A couple of episodes before I thought there was a question mark, but saw it again last night for sure.

Matt is kicking some redemption ass. Might it be time to bring him back to camp?

Andrea & Phillip just might be smart. (but he's still annoying in his pink panties!)

I love the frog that they kept showing last night, in between stuff. It's cool lookin!

Ralph is OMG backwoods redneck! I mean, I already knew this, but there were a couple of things he said last night that made me really say, Wow!

Boston Rob is GOOD! Fantastic move with switching the clues! "You gotta hustle if you wanna make a dolla!"

How did Mike get gel in his hair? At one point near the end, his hair was all fixed & there was a part of it that was all gelled up! Really?!

Did Ralph fray the sleeves of his shirt that he wore to Tribal Council? He really doesn't have to try and look backwoods. All he has to do is open his mouth!

You can always tell who Ralph votes for, because his backwoods, redneck ass doesn't know how to spell!

Well, that's all I got. Not much on game-play but I was more into people watchin' last night. I do think it's amazing how things can flip so quickly!

Hope you have a great Thursday!

I love me some Boston Rob!
I hope you all have a great Thursday too!

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