Monday, March 21, 2011


I was running out of hot water.  It started Friday morning.  Halfway through my shower I was freezing.  I told Jimmy about it when I got to work.  We both figured that one of my elements needed to be replaced.  I left work a little early (2:00) which wasn't hard since it was Friday and a beautiful day. 

Upon arriving home, I placed a call to Mr. Rooter asking them to please send someone out there to check my hot water heater.  I have always trusted Mr. Rooter with all of my plumbing needs.  The service has always been quick and affordable.  Then, on Friday, they sent some yahoo who didn't know what the hell he was doing.  He was telling me it wasn't a water heater problem, it was an electrical problem because the water heater kept blowing fuses (yes, my house it still on fuses).  Well heck, I don't know about these things, so I said ok and he left without charging me anything.

Jimmy came over Saturday to asses the situation.  He called Mr. Rooter to see why they didn't have someone familiar with electricity to come and look at an electric water heater.  After getting frustrated with them I suggested "Let's just call an electrician."  We did...Mr. Electric (Chris)...and he came at a cost of $150.00 because it was Saturday.  He was a nice guy, and proceeded to tell us that the fuses keep blowing because the element is out (or grounded).  The plumber should have just fixed it last night instead of trying to diagnose a problem that he obviously knew nothing about.

So I called Mr. Rooter back asking them to please send someone back out here - my element was out - and it should have been fixed yesterday when they were here saving me $150 I paid Mr. Electric.  Now, get this, the plumber (can I even call him that) from Friday called me and asked had I gotten the electrical problem solved.  I just handed the phone to Jimmy and let him "tell" Mr. Rooter he was a dumb a**. 

To make a long story (kinda) short, they Mr. Rooter sent a real plumber (David) who replaced the element at no cost to me because the not real plumber (Drew) didn't know what he was doing.  We could tell that this was not the first time good plumber had come behind cleaning up bad plumber's mess.

Lessons learned:  I will still continue to use Mr. Rooter, I will just tell them never to send Drew....I highly recommend Mr. Electric for any of your electrical needs...and (as Mr. Jimmy wrote) "Chris = Good" "David = Good" "Drew = Bad."

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David said...

I read this with all the attention I could spare. All I got from it was, "Blah, blah, blah. David=good" I could not agree more.