Thursday, May 3, 2012

"CEDAR SPRINGS!....." Mom barked at the billings clerk at Decatur General Emergency room this morning at 12:45.

She has this idea that everyone in Decatur knows the street address of Cedar Springs Retirement Community by heart, and all she has to say is she lives at "CEDAR SPRINGS."  She has barked it as her address at the DMV.  She has barked it as her address at the Social Security Administration.  The next time you see Rayray, get her to do her Gma impersonation.

Back at the hospital...

LL:  That is not the street address, she needs the street address.  2505 Spring Avenue.
Mom:  Where did you get that?
LL:  Off your drivers license.
Mom:  There's a green card in there with the address on it.
LL:  I don't need the green card.  I already gave her your address.  Just because the card has "Cedar Springs" at the top does not mean it is part of your physical address.
Mom:  Well, let me see it.
LL:  Your drivers license?
Mom:  No, the green card.
LL:  (handing her the green card in exasperation)  See.
Mom:'re right.

Anyway, we got home (me at 1:30) and she is alright.

I was planning on spending my Wednesday at happy hour then watching Survivor.  I guess God thought I needed a dose of humility.

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