Monday, May 14, 2012


Huge shout out to TCW for hosting the 5th Annual Survivor Finale Party.  It was so much fun spending the evening with Rayray, Wash, Btut, Wino Bill, Lisa TutB and him.  We had a wonderful dinner (Rachel's chicken), great cupcakes (TutB) and good company.

As we all thought, Kim was the sole survivor.  We have so much fun watching that show together and making fun of people.  We really let them have it last night!  I am kinda surprised the house didn't get struck by lightening.

It was a good end to a rather stressful Mother's Day.  Taking Gma to lunch proved to be quit an event.  I will just leave it at that...I have to stop before my blood pressure gets to high.  Thanks to Wash and Rayray for being there with me.  I love you.  And thanks to all the everyone at TCW's for sharing in our pain.

Happy Monday....(is that an oxymoron?)

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