Friday, May 25, 2012


There is nothing like a Friday before a 3 day weekend.  Really, there is nothing like a Friday before a 3 day weekend when you take off.  Of course, I wouldn't know.  But I know some people who do...Rayray, Wash, TCW, Btut, Lisa TutB...can I just say I am jealous?

There is also nothing like a Thursday night smoking lounge party!  Remember, what happens in the car port stays in the car port!

The next 2 weeks are crazy busy for me...Shop for an outfit to wear to Breazy's wedding tomorrow, grill out at TCW's, go to said wedding on Sunday, get back to Decatur for the Big Dawes annual Memorial Day Party, hear Gray, Black and White band at said party, Monday - rest.  Baby shower the next weekend for Jimaymay's son's wife. Rayray's birthday is the 4th of June - Jimaymay's birthday is the 5th! The next weekend, attend Jimamay's other daughter's wedding and celebration party on Saturday, where Gray, Black and White will also be performing....

Man, I am tired for just having to type all of that stuff!  Calgon, take me away.

I'm on a horse.

the end

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