Thursday, May 17, 2012


We had a BLAST last night at the Hard Dock listening to Gray, Black and White!  I am so proud of those boys.  Mr. Jimmy came to listen, and he was thoroughly impressed!

 Awwww...a little father/daughter bonding.  Jamee (Jimmy's daughter) and her fiance John came too.

Here they are sitting with my beautiful Rayray!  And yes, she finally passed that nasty kidney stone after 13 days.  Thank goodness!

Surprise, surprise!  My friend Lisa came and brought her friend.  They loved the band too.

Jamee with her Daddy's shades on.  I guess you can tell we were all having a great time!

And who else came to show his support?  Yep, Andyrandy!  We laughed our asses off all night!  That's Gray's Daddy sitting behind Andyrandy.

Here Rayray is bonding with the "step-sister."  (That's what Jamee was referring to herself as).  She loved the band so much she wants them to play at her wedding celebration party in June.  I hope it happens.  Morgan brought his Daddy last night too.  The are sitting behind Rachel at the table. 

Good times, good music, good friends, good family...who could ask for more!              

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