Thursday, December 11, 2008

Angelina Molie

This is Angelina Molie (like as in a mole - rodent). I came across this picture on one of my discs and thought I should share. Rachel had to make her as a project for Chemistry (?) I think. See, not only is a mole a small, mouse like rodent that burrows in the ground, it is also:

1. The amount of a substance that contains as many atoms, molecules, ions, or other elementary units as the number of atoms in 0.012 kilogram of carbon 12. The number is 6.0225 × 1023, or Avogadro's number. Also called gram molecule.


2. The mass in grams of this amount of a substance, numerically equal to the molecular weight of the substance. Also called gram-molecular weight. See Table at measurement.

This was a fun project. They had to actually make a mole (the animal) that resembeled a famous person, character, etc. We came up with many ideas: Mickey Mole (Mickey Mouse); Christopher Molumbus, Samumole L. Jackson, and others. Rachel came up with Angelina Molie! Isn't she pretty with her big hair and lips.

Happy Thursday - Be safe out there in this weather.

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