Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Born Free

Spike got out again last night. This time he did not push the gate open. I had laid bricks under the opening after he got out a couple of nights ago. I called and called for him, and rode around the block twice looking for him. He is not street smart at all, so I worry about him getting run over. Friday, while we were trying to shove the couch in my house (that is a story for another day) I saw a dog run in front of a car on my busy street. The car was honking, but the dog didn't pay any attention. I told Tim - "That looks like Spike"... and it was.

Anyway....he finally came home about 11:30 all proud of himself, until he got a spanking with some limp rolled up newspaper. You know, just the sound of the paper is enough. Well, this morning I took him out back on his leash so he couldn't escape. I did not know about the hole yet (couldn't figure it out in the dark). Spike must have learned his lesson because he led me right to the hole and stuck his head through like "See, this is how I did it. You better cover it up or I will do it again. I just can't help myself."

Spike is so smart.

Here's to all the smart, cute, funny, hyper, loving dogs and their people!

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