Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is my new couch. It is HUGE! Jimmy and I went to pick it up the Friday after Thanksgiving. As he was moving the old couch out I said, "I hope the new one will fit." Little did I know.....
Jimmy and Tim had to wrestle with this HOG for an hour and a half. We had all the doors off the hinges, turning it this way and that (look how I said we - I was just sitting there cussing myself for buying a HUMONGOUS couch). At one point it was standing straight up in the foyer. do you know how they finally got it in there? Jimmy had to take the door facing off the door! That gave us (being them) another inch and a half. Then they shoved it on through!

It is so comfortable - with recliners on each end, so you can guess how heavy it was! Thanks guys.

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