Friday, January 30, 2009

Rayray be's smart

Love the haircut baby!

Ok, I don't get to poke fun at my baby a lot, but this one I just couldn't resist! Y'all know I think Rachel is really Bright and Smart and has it all together. She is studying to be a Molecular Medicinest (inside joke). But, today on the phone:

LL - You were overdrawn in your account this morning by twenty something dollars

R - No way that is possible, I haven't used my debit card in days. I am going to look right now.

LL - Well, I transferred $300 so you would have enough to cover your hotel room tomorrow.

R - See, I have $23....wait

LL- OK Boo - Parentheses around a number mean its negative

R - I thought there would be a negative sign, where is the negative sign!

LL - It's ok, you're Pretty!

Have a great weekend!

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