Friday, July 17, 2009


... or should I say, IT CALLED! We gathered at the Hard Dock last night for a get together with Tami. Boy, what fun we had. I only noticed 4 groups of people get up and leave. It was like we were the only ones there. Yes, we were THAT group last night!

List of suspects (from left to right): Annissa Roby, Jimmy (my boyfriend), me, Lana Wooten, Beth Tut, Stacie Chambers, Lisa TutB (remember, like Hoda Kotb), Stacy Peyton, Steve B (Lisa's husband), Tami and David.

Lana was a hoot. I wonder if she is the only girl in high school that was asked, politely I am sure, "Wouldn't you be happier if you quit JUG?" JUG was a sorority at DHS. I am sure she was not the ONLY one asked to leave JUG, but she is definately the poster child for it!

Annissa, Beth and Me. I have known Annissa for most of my life, at least since I was 5. We grew up out at Burningtree together. Met Beth at Oak Park. We are lucky to all have life long friends. You know, some people really don't? It is hard to believe.

Stacie, Lana Tami, and Stacy. We were a LIVE bunch last night.

Here is Beth and my lover. And no, Jimmy is not pulling a Fred Sanford. "Elizabeth, I am coming to join you."
Tami and David have been here this week, and boy am I worn out. Dinner tonight, and then I am going to sleep/lounge until Monday morning. Man, I am old.
Love you guys, had a great time!

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Wayne&Ang+baby said...

Is Jimmy throwing up his gang sign? hehehee Looks like it was a great night!