Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tell me about it sister....

I got an e-mail from Lisa TutB (my new nickname for her - I like it, it is like Hoda Kotb on NBC), anyway, I was just going to post her e-mail, but I didn't want to offend anyone. Then I thought I would just X-out all the real bad stuff, but that would only leave about 14 words out of 150. I am sure you can imagine the content and tone of her note! With all the hoopla about MJ going on, I (along with Lisa TutB's encouragement) thought it would be nice to remember others who past away the week of June 20-27 whose memories have all but been pushed aside so the world could morn "the gloved one."

Beautiful Farrah - Lisa TutB "...who worked tirelessly to encourage cancer treatments and looked for new ones until the day she died....
...Ed Mcmahon, a decorated WWII hero.....
...or Karl Malden also a decorated war hero."

It really is a shame that these people did not get the recognition they deserved. But, that is what our world is coming to. Kind of depressing.
You were right Lisa TutB, not very inspiring!
PS: Wonder how long it will take before someone claims to have seen "the mighty MoonWalker" at a KFC? Shouldn't be long now.

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