Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last night's episode of "True Blood" really knocked my socks off! It was full of such energy, violence, sex, suspense....I can't wait until next Sunday to see what happens. If you don't watch "True Blood" sorry.

It is a love story between Sookie Stackhouse and Vampire Bill (he is hot).

They can get themselves into some really sticky situations.

Sookie's closests friends are Tara (who has anger issues) and Tara's cousin Lafayette (he is a homosexual that sells "V" on the side). "V" is vampire blood, and you should see what it can do to you! I particularly love the scene right before this. Sookie's gran had passed away, and Tara said "Everybody out of the house. That includes you too, Sam. What Sookie needs is some girl time. Come on Lafayette." Then her and Lafayette joined Sookie upstairs.

This is Eric. He is Sherriff of Sector 9 where Bill is trying to mainstream. He owns a bar called "Fangtasia." He is HOT! My fave on the show. Sorry the picture is so small.

This is Sam Merlotte. He owns the bar where Sookie and Tara work. He is also a shape-shifter. He can change into a dog. After watching this week's episode, Sam is in deep poo with Maryanne. Maryanne is a maenad....a worshipper of the God of Anger and Lust. And boy, can you tell she has the power of lust under control. This past episode was almost like something you would have to go into the back room of the movie store to rent! No wonder I love it!

If you do not watch "True Blood" I noticed today you can get it on Netflix.
"Before the night is through, I want to do bad things with you." Love the music too!

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Wayne&Ang+baby said...

You can also watch on, but I think only episodes of season 2 are on the "on demand" feature! :)

And yes, Laura, I's addicting in a VERY good way! I can't wait for Sunday's episode too.

Poor Sam, I hope he makes it out alive :)