Thursday, September 13, 2012


Football season started on the weekend we made our infamous trip to Tunica.  Rayray and Wash and their friends partied at Hee Haw on Saturday.  She made a lot of food and took it over there.  One thing she made was cupcakes. 

When I arrived home, I noticed the muffin tins on the kitchen table.  They were new, non-stick tins, I figured she bought for the occasion.  I also noticed that they appeared to have been sprayed down with Pam, because it had hardened and turned brown while in the know, ruined.  I also noticed there was a box of paper liners for baking the cupcakes.  The next day while conversing I finally had to ask...

LL:  Did you bake your cupcakes in paper liners?
RR:  Yes.
LL:  Where did the muffin tins come from?
RR:  I bought them at Food World.
LL:  Did you spray them with Pam?
RR:  (grinning sheepishly)  Yes.  I wasn't supposed to was I.
LL:  No, not if you baked them in liners, and also no because that is a non-stick pan.
RR:  I didn't know!  I was just following directions.
LL:  You're pretty!


Jamie said...

She was just taking all the precautions!

David T said...

Gotta love it. She so pretty...