Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well, we survived....barely!  Had a great time in Tunica with TCW, Wino Bill, BTut, Triple T and Big D.  We let all our inhibitions go (beware world), and let our hairs down.  This was evidenced when BTut  asked this guy if she could take a picture of his jeans!  That was after she followed him around the penny slots trying to take it!  This occurred around 1:00 am on our first night...and it only got better from there.

Next time we go I am thinking of hiring a stenographer to keep up with all the funny things we say!  But, lucky you, we were able to write some of them down!  Try to guess who said what...

"Meatloaf (music group) at the Horseshoe."
"I ain't never eat at the Horseshoe."

"Y'all need to talk about that in your room."

"I liked sliced pickles better than spears.  There's more pickle to crunch ratio." (fried pickles)

"Y'all are bitches."

"You want a peanut?"
"No.  I just ate something out of my teeth from last night."

"BTut was so drunk she had half moon eyes."

"How long they serve breakfast?"
"Till lunch."

"Where you is?"

"Meatloaf!" (x 40)

"Thank you Willie (dealer).  May I have another?"

"I just laughed so hard I farted."

"Why you got to take a tone on me?"

"These are the best bugles I have ever had!"

"I can't tell because y'all people age well." (most politically incorrect statement of the weekend)
"There's my girl!"

"Tamiland is a happy place."
"It scares me."


"This is me getting in the shower."  (as I remain sitting on the bed)

"Man, there are some disgusting people here." 

"I'm glad we stopped laughing."

"Poker and a floor show."  ( x 4 different ways of writing the same thing)

"OK, I am drunk."

"Will y'all pack our shit while we go eat?"

"I am not above kicking an old man out."

"Will you dress me?"

"I don't know where he is going.  I am the one who let Chris look at my titties."

"Doesn't that make you dizzy?"
"No.  I don't have vertigo, I am just drunk most of the time."

"I wouldn't change anything... except that woman's outfit."

....and saving the best for last....

"People who know us are lucky."

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