Tuesday, September 11, 2012


~  The US Government collected $15.5 million form Great Britain for damage done to Northern merchant vessels caused by confederate ships built in England during the Civil War.  (or War of Northern Aggression as my Grandma called it)

~  The most common sports mascots of US colleges and universities are the eagle, followed by the tiger and the bulldog.  (pictured War Eagle VI, 2005)

~  Jackie Gleason's signature phrase, "And away we go," is etched into the marble steps that lead to his grave.

~  The comic strip "Garfield" was born in 1978 after its creator failed to syndicate his first cartoon series, "Gnorm Gnat."  Jim Davis hit the big time when he switched rrom gnat to cat.  Gnorm appeared in only one publication, "The Pendleton Times" in Pendleton, Indiana.

~  Czech-born National Hockey League sharpshooter Jaromir Jagr picked the number 68 for his team jersey because he wanted to commemorate 1968, the year his homeland revolted against Soviet Communist rule and the year his grandfather died while jailed as a political prisoner.

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