Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Another great year at Riverfest!  Good food, great friends, wonderful weather, alcoholic beverages!  Who could ask for anything more?  I had a wonderful time this year both Friday and Saturday night.  Love hanging with my favorite BBQ team - Lil bit o smoke!

There was also great music!  Btut and PW got a back stage pass to meet and greet Lee Brice!

And Friday night was packed with his fans waiting to watch him perform! 

PW was so excited to hear Lee Brice, much less meet him!  She had to watch him perform standing on the back of the cart so she could see!  

Mrs. BigDawes and TCW hard at work...and who is that sitting, I am sure offering supervision?  None other than our own BTUT!  (lol)

Now, lets see how many of you were paying attention Friday night....

Did anyone, other then me and Mr. BigDawes, see Married get her spot hit by a plate of fried potatoes?

I have great friends!  Love!

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