Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random and Words of Wisdom from Polly

While driving to work today I saw a sign that said "Whyjudgelittle.com". The dot was very big on the sign. I started wondering when some idiot would try to name their child Dotcom. I am sure someone somewhere has already done it.

Polly always says "If you have candles in your home, even if they are just for looks, always light them and blow them out at least once. It is tacky to have decorative candles that you can tell have never been burned." She didn't use the word tacky, but something of that nature. There is a candle in the bathroom at work that I need to remember to light and blow out. That white wick is haunting me now.

I went to Princeton's years ago to have drinks with Tim, Carl, Jan and some of their friends. It was right before we went to DHS for them to dedicate the workout building to Tim's Uncle Earl. He was a great football coach for Decatur. Anyway, Rachel and her friend Kristen met us at Princetons. They were at the other end of the table from me sitting by Tim and Carl. All of a sudden I heard Tim and Carl laughing their heads off. Somehow they had been talking about Polly and Kristen informed them that she had taught her something very important. "Most musuems and good hair salons are closed on Mondays."

We must not ever forget.

Love to Polly.


Ringo said...

Polly = angel

Jamie said...

It let me post a comment at work. Woo hoo..
the www.whyjudgelittle.com guy lives across the street from Ben Matthews. He helped us when our friend caught the bushes on fire one night. You should see his yard.