Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, my Birthday is not until Feb 5th, but I could not wait to post this picture! This is my 7th birthday party way back in 1976. From left to right - Kim Snider, Me, Beth Sartain, Tami, Billy and Jennifer Jacobs! All sitting on my bed in my pink and white gingham bed room. Kim is holding a baby she must have brought, because it was not one of mine. Beth is holding "Chrissy". Do y'all member her? Her hair could be long or short with a pull of the cord. Tami is holding Miss Strawberry (mom made her to match my room). Jennifer is holding Mrs. Beautiful (mom made her too, and we had matching outfits).

Tami hated that haircut. A few years later her mom heard her tell some kid that was looking at a picture of her with this haircut, "That's not me, that's my twin brother who died." Tami was crazy! Love her.

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Ringo said...

LMAO at Tami's dead twin!