Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Shopping with Polly

Ok, I have not shared a story about my Mom for a while, but that does not mean we have not been having interesting times over Christmas. Here goes one for you....

I was going shopping the Saturday morning before Christmas. Mom wanted to go with me. I said "OK, but here is where I am going and I have to look for whatever, and I don't want you rushing me." She assures me that she is at my disposal and will in no way interfere with my ability to shop peacefully. (Remember the Great Shopping Fiasco November 2008?)

On the way to bank street she asks what all am I looking for. Without thinking, I share with her that I still need to get the babies more stuff, get Rachel's picture framed, get Jimmy's sister and her family something, etc. She picks up on Jimmy's sister (she has met Jodie before as a visiting artist to the school where mom taught) and asks what I plan to get them. Remeber y'all, Jodie and her husband and son are blind. I told her that Jodie wanted cooking stuff. "What kind of cooking stuff?" she asks. "I don't know, but I will know when I see it," was my response.

Well, we went to Behind the Glass and all went well. (I won't get into the change story) Then on to Wykers for some toys. Next, we went to the candy shop because I was where they had Decatur High School ornaments. That's where it all started.

Mom - (to the sales clerk) - "I am looking for a cooking ornament"
Clerk - Hum, a cooking ornament, I am not sure we have an ornament about cooking.
Mom - It is for a friend of mine.
Clerk - oh

Now, I am thinking, who in the hell is she getting a cooking ornament for? She didn't mention that she was looking for a cooking ornament when we were in the car.....surely to goodness she is not thinking about Jodie. I didn't mention an ornament at all.

Mom - Yeah, just a little something about cooking, oh, and they are blind too

OK, I lost it.

LL - "You do not need a cooking ornament for a blind person....I never mentioned an ornament, it is not even your gift to by, I told you I would know it when I saw it, are you ready to go home already?!!!!!!?????!!!"

Mom to the clerk - "Well, it is really for a friend of my daughters, haha."

As Charlie Brown would say "AARRRRRGGGHHHH"

Say prayers for me.

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