Tuesday, January 27, 2009


While in the 6th grade at Oak Park, one day we were all asked to assemble in the Commons. For those of you who have never been to Oak Park, the school is divided up into 3 "Pod" like sections, with 3 hexagonal sections for each pod. The center of a section was called the commons.

Well, on this day, there were some people there to talk to us. Looking back, I believe they were some sort of therapy group or something, checking out our Psyche. Well, the main guy told us to think up a question, any question we would like to know. Well, my mind went right to work. I was going to think up a question that would just stun them. One they would never be able to answer, one that would make the whole 6th grade ponder and think "that Laura Leigh sure is smart to think up something like that."

So, after a few minutes the guy started asking people what their question was. There was one like "Why does it rain?" and "How long to red lights stay red?" and stupid stuff like that. Then, finally he called on me. Boy was I going to stun them!

Guy -And what is your question?
LL - How come when you run over the lines in the road on highway 67 that are warning you of the upcoming stoplight at Country Club do you only hear them when your front tires hit, not your back tires? (Boy did I show them)
Guy - I don't know, next.

No "good question," no "Boy are you a bright child for the 6th grade," - NOTHING.

Then, to top it all off, Jennifer Reeves went next and her question was "Why do people have to die?" Please, I think she even had a tear in one eye. How long did it take her to prepare that?

Give me a freaking break!

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