Monday, January 12, 2009

Risk and Useless Info

Did you know that "Australia is considered the easiest continent to defend in the game Risk"? Did you know? I did.

We used to play Risk for hours out at Btree. Most of the time the games would actually go over a period of days. Yeah, those were the days....drinking beer, eating hot pork rinds, watching wrestling and playing Risk. I always tried to get Australia. I would hunker down there, just taking 1 random country each turn so I could get a card, and then transferring my men back to the mouth to Australia. I would wait for all the other players to beat up on each other and then I would come out from Down Under with a kick ass army and, well, kick ass. I would normally be Pink (Commie, pinko facists pigs). Yeah, those were the days.

(We used to always try to get Bob out first because he was annoying and didn't really know how to play well.)

I can't even get anyone to play with me anymore. My brothers Larry and David would play for a while at thanksgiving, but you need at least 4 players to have real excitement.

I am always up for a challange! Love.


Ringo said...

(homer simpson)BORING!!!(/homer simpson) heehee!

Hate the game!lol

Jamie said...

first things. who is Ringo?

I love risk. wish i would have known while we worked at 3D together. We could have set a game up at your table and kept it going for weeks.

Laura Leigh said...

Ringo is a friend of mine in Athens GA