Thursday, January 8, 2009

Law Enforcement Gone Crazy

Got an e-mail from Lisa B. today - she loves my blog - so does sister Beth. Anyway, she said I should blog about the recent events that have shook our little town regarding law enforcement officials.

First, the head of the "Organized Crime Unit" (that reminds me of my brother Billy - "don't say the M word") set up his office to make it appear that he had been kidnapped or something. I mean, this made national news. They were searching all over for him, in woods, in bodies of water. The next day he was found in Vegas with $2500 stolen dollars and maybe a stripper too? What is up with that. What did he think he was going to do, go to Vegas and win back money he stole or something. What a dumb ass.

Then last night the Sherrif was arrested by the FBI! National news again! Why, you ask? Obviously he was starving the inmates in the jail. Come to find out, any money saved by him from the food budgeted to feed the inmates goes into his pocket. And over 3 years he has made like $212,000! Can you believe that? What was he serving them a hershey kiss and a piece of dental floss? How rediculus. He should have to pay all of that money back and work in a soup kitchen every weekend for the rest of his life.

What has our little town become. Full of Crooks and Liars and Scum? Next thing you know, we will find out that Osama Bin Laden has been running the Chruch's Chicken on Memorial Drive for the past two years! Lord help us!



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