Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spaghetti Dinner Circa 1986

Crazy Times at Burningtree. Here we are in the kitchen of my childhood home, buzzing off of cheap red wine, waiting for spaghetti. List of characters: Steve Skinner (that is NOT Doug - Denise), David (my brother), Annissa, Thomas, Me, Tim, Denise, and Billy my brother kneeling. It brings back such fond memories. Road trips, drinking Budweiser and eating hot pork rinds. As I mentioned before, playing risk. Bottle rocket battles (it's a wonder we didn't shoot someones eye out!). Playing tricks on Parks Harris. Eating sausage and buscuits my Mom made after getting snowed in.....those were the days. Thomas and Denise are married now, and have been for about 20 year - Gosh, they are old! Ha ha. Sadly, some of those in this picture are gone....but, I know that they are watching me Rachel and I from above, and are very proud of us.

Let's get together and party like we used to, "Spaghetti Gang!"


PS - Look at the Kitchen Witches my mom used to have hanging above the sink. I loved those. Do y'all remember Kitchen Witches?

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Ringo said...

who the heck is Steve skinner? Never met him.LOL