Friday, October 17, 2008


Spike is so smart. I thought a few weeks ago that Tim had left the gate open and Spike got out. Then, the other week my mom said she must have left the gate open, and he got out. But, the other night, I was sitting under the car port on the phone, and thought Spike was in the back yard (I had let him out about 30 minutes before). Well, I was talking and heard the tink-tink of his collar (we used to call Sally tink-tink) and thought he had run up to the fence. Then I noticed in the front yard a small back and white dog. I thought, "Yeah, Spike is coming to the fence to talk to a friend." But, as the "friend" got closer, I realized that it was MY BELOVED DOG!!!! He had been out galavanting through the neighborhood....then I realized, he had learned to open the gate!

So, at 10:30 Tuesday night I was outside wrapping coat hangers through the handles of the gates to keep my love locked up!

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