Friday, October 10, 2008


Hey Everybody - Did you miss me? I had a nice trip to Boston, worked hard and came back. That is about the extent of it. My flight home was memorable. On the first leg I was sitting at the airport watching people come through security, when I realized that 4 people in wheelchairs were waiting on the same flight as me. I thought they should rename US Air to Assisted Living Airlines! Oh, and two people had cats! One of the women with a cat was in a wheelchair with her husband using a walker when he wasn't pushing her. When he was, she was trying to hold on to 1) cat, 2)walker, and 3)cane. She dropped the walker and cane so many times I just quit watching. Of course, that would not have happened if they could decide to stay in one place and just wait for the plane! Thank goodness she didn't drop the cat. I would have had to have said something then.

Have a great weekend!

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