Thursday, October 30, 2008

Take the Long Way Home

This was my lovely view for about 45 minutes driving home yesterday....well, I wouldn't really say I was "driving" moving at that snails pace. Thank goodness I had my camera with me and could amuse myself. I know the other drivers thought I was crazy...and they might be right.

Here is proof positive...look at the speedometer! It is reading 0 miles per hour. Just noticed that I should probably get gas too. I didn't even look at the level this morning after driving back to Huntsville. Isn't the sun reflecting of the 18 wheeler lovely?

Here is the Tennessee River. I cross it twice a day. I was trying to make out the Two Mile Bridge in this picture, but it was to far away. I was wishing I had gone Interstate 65 instead of staying in this mess.

The infamous "WRECK" that had traffic backed up forever. Please do not look at how dirty my windshield is. There are bugs on the river.

Yea! Back to normal speeds to cross the bridge and onto home....Glad y'all could tag along!


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