Friday, October 24, 2008

Spider Lillies

These are called Spider Lillies. Years ago I saw them in a yard at an old established home in Decatur. I asked my mom what they were because I had never seen them before. She told me their name and said they were a very old species of flower. I asked her where I could get some, and she said it was like trying to get Jackson have to know someone who has it and get it from them because they aren't sold anymore (or ever).
So I didn't really think about me acquiring any of them after that. Rachel and I would just enjoy them in the fall when they bloomed at that house. We called them Dr. Suess flowers because of their unique shape. They have a stalk about 18" high and then these beautiful "spider" looking blooms.

Then out of the blue a couple of years later mom called and said..."I have you some spider lily bulbs. I got them from my friend." So now we have the funny "Dr. Suess" flowers for a few weeks in the fall at our house! Thanks Mom.

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