Friday, October 17, 2008


Mickey had surgery yesterday for a hiadel (sp?) hernia. That is at the place where your stomach and esophagus meet. I went to visit her in the hospital. I made her laugh and it what did I do? Tried to make her laugh again! Tell me, is there something wrong with me? Why did keep trying to make her laugh knowing that it was uncomfortable for her? Was I jealous of the morphine substitute she was being provided? Maybe, or sometimes I just might be cruel. Trust me, Mickey can handle it.

LL: Did you go to my blog yesterday?
M: No, I never go anymore, quit going after that stupid story about Pam's birthday.
LL: Well, you should.
M: Why would I, you never write anything about me.
LL: I have too, you were in the picture of Rachel's go to college party....
M: Yeah, one meesley picture,
LL: ...and when we were at lunch and saw Pam...
M: Yeah, yeah, big deal
LL: ...and plus, Mickey the blog is not about you!

I helped her to the restroom while I was there...and scared her by saying I was going to put that 15 minute show on my blog....but, being a good friend I won't. (And I won't mention her pretty stockings, with the hole in the toe either!)


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