Monday, October 13, 2008

Party Last Weekend

I went to a party at my friend BJ's the other night. It was her party, but she said I could invite a few people and I did. I was helping her make appetisers when all of these people from my work walked in....people I hadn't invited! AND THEY HAD INVITED AND BROUGHT PEOPLE I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW! I just knew BJ would be so pissed. But she wasn't. I looked in the den and she was talking to my friend from college - Vivian. BJ called my over and said "Look who is here! Aren't you excited?" Of course I was! It was good to see Vivian. I had gotten Cocoa from a friend of her's who ends up being the cousin of Jamie's fiance Ben....boy, that was a mouthful.

Anyway, back to the party....I asked BJ if she and Tami wanted to go for a walk. They did so we left, rounded the corner and there was the COLOSSEUM....LIKE IN ROME! I started to show them around since I had been there before. We realized we should get back to the party. We pulled up and there were a bunch of people we didn't know walking out with big garbage bags full of stuff. I jump out of the car, approach the biggest, burliest looking man I have ever seen and asked what he thought he was doing. Well, he then pulled a gun, proceeded to make us kneel on the street, and scared the crap out of us. Then a nasty woman was walking around us telling us to take off our bras.....I couldn't figure this one out. Then it dawned on me that we could make a weapon out of the underwire! Well, i just happend to have on two bras that night, so I only took off one and saved the other to make a weapon. I was so proud of myself.....

.....then I woke up!

Happy Monday.

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