Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It better if you are going to be around Jimmy.

We went to the orthopedic surgeon on Monday, and he said Jimmy would have to have surgery. He wanted to perform one more test before the surgery. So, we were sitting at Crestwood Medical Center yesterday waiting for Jimmy to have what turned out to be a VERY Uncomfortable!!!! ct scan. Well, they gave Jimmy a valium and brought him back out to where I was sitting, so we could be together until it was time for him to go back. Conversation follows:

J: You looked real nice yesterday.
LL: thanks
J: I really liked that outfit...
LL: awh, thanks
J: (pointing to my purse) Do you really think that purse, well, went with it?
LL: What?
J: I mean, I like your purse and all, but don't you think a different purse would have looked better with what you had on yesterday?
LL: Are you kidding me? Of course a black purse would have gone well with my outfit yesterday, but I am not going to change purses everyday. And why in the heck should you care?
J: now hold on, I am just saying.....

I guess just get a valium in him and he will say anything!

Today, at the doctors again, I walked up in nice grey slacks, with black shoes, and a black purse.

LL: I brought my black purse.
J: I noticed


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