Monday, March 9, 2009


"You can get anything you want at Rachel's Resturant", NOT. Rachel has thrown around this idea for years. She is going to open a resturant that serves only the food she likes. I said, "Hell, no one will be able to get a full meal out of that." As many of you know, Rachel is a very picky eater. Here is what I imagine her menu to look like:

Appetisers: Chips and salsa or cheese dip, fried calamari, various bowls of cereal

Salad: Celery with ranch dressing (yes, just celery, no lettuce, tomato, etc)

Main dishes: Ham, baked chicken, steak, turkey, cheese pizza, cheese enchiladas, Spicy chicken (Chinese), various bowls of cereal

Sides: macaroni and cheese, chinese fried rice, grapes and apple slices with yogurt dipping sauce, various bowls of cereal

Dessert: Banana popcicles (her signature dessert) cookies (no nuts), brownies (no nuts), ice cream, creme brulee, flan, various bowls of cereal

You got to love her!

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