Friday, March 6, 2009


OK, this is going to be a good one. While Tim and I were watching "Survivor" last night, we came up with a great idea. What if CBS did "Survivor: Sand Mountain"!!!!

There would have to be a few changes. Instead of rice and beans being the staple food, they would have grits and hominy. They would have to be careful and not eat any two-headed frogs or 4-eyed fish that might have lived in water contaminated by the Nuclear plant in Scottsboro (Bellefonte).

For challenges they could have to successfully attend a sermon at "The Holy Spirit Church of God with Signs Following" and not get bitten by a rattlesnake. Or, what about having to successfully dismantle a meth-lab without getting blown up. For a challenge that takes brains not brawn, we could have them try to get the locals to buy sushi, or calamari, or escargo from "Bubba's One Stop". You know "Bubba's One Stop" where you can get frozen pizza, diapers, bait and bullets all in one place.

Exhile Island could be one of the many rock quarrys in the area. For clues to the hidden immunity idol, we could have locals just say the clues to them....heck, it would take years for them to figure out what they were saying!

For winning a reward challenge they could be whisked away in a Ford F150 to Albertville for an all expense paid dinner at Dennys, and then get their nails done at "Nails by Verna May." (Verna May's also offers oil changing service for your car.) Or for winning big, they could be carted off to "Lacon Trade Day." What a joy!

If you think of any more funny challenges or rewards, please e-mail them to me and I will post! Thanks.

Happy Friday.

P.S. For any of you who live in Sand Mountain, I apologize.

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