Thursday, March 26, 2009


I was getting dressed for work yesterday and had put on a cute outfit with kahki paints and a cute orange and kahki shirt....then it dawned on me. It was raining outside. I was having to go to the doctor with Jimmy at 10:20. My raincoat is black. I could never pull of brown shoes and purse with a black rain coat. I knew right then I had to change to something that I could wear my black flats with faux black alligator skin on the tops, that match my black faux alligator purse, which both look great with my black raincoat.

So I proceeded to change my whole outfit. Jimmy does not know the lengths I go to for him! It was most appreciated, though. He said I looked real nice. Next time I think I will freak him out and wear brown shoes, black jeans, a maroon coat and a green leather purse. Let's see if he really loves me!

Happy Thursday!

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