Monday, March 30, 2009


Mom told me and Tim a funny story last night. She had been to school with her friend Jill in Bham. The next day, she could not find her cell phone. She called Jill and left her a message to see if she left it in her car. See, Mom hates to look for stuff, so she called, left a message, and was not going to do anything else about it until she confirmed with Jill that it was in the car. Wouldn't want to waste a whole 10 minutes looking around the house if it wasn't necessary.

Well, a day passed and she had not heard from Jill, so she decided she MUST at least try to find it around the house. So, what does a brilliant person do but - call the number. She called the number and low and behold she heard her phone in living room or dining room. But it would only ring about 4 times so she kept having to call and call. (Now she is thinking "What in the world did Martha do with my phone" (Martha is our cleaning lady.))

Anyway, all of a sudden Andrew starts barking at the front door, and what do you know, when she opens the door - THERE IS HER CELL PHONE. She tells Andy - "Oh, I must have dropped it when Steak Out came." So, mystery solved right.....not quite.

She gets a phone call from her friend Jill:

J: Hey Polly - I found your phone in my car.
P: No, that's not my phone. I found my phone.
J: What? Where did you find it?
P: I found it in between my front door and the storm door. I dropped it when Steak Out came.
J: Polly, you silly, I found your phone and brought it over to your house and put it behind the storm door.

It was really funny hearing my mom tell it. Doesn't really read as well.

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Ringo said...

hahahahaha!!! LMAO at Polly!!!! Gotta love that lady!