Tuesday, May 19, 2009


WARNING! If you don't want to learn about a the featured artist....stop now. But, why would anyone pass up the chance to learn a little culture in a short time, by a hilarious writer like myself? I can't imaging either.

From Wikipedia: "Mose Tolliver (or Mose T.) born about 1925 near Pintala, Alabama was an African American artist who worked in a primitivist style."

LL says: I will say primitivist, I think I have seen cave paintings that more resemble an actual person than some of Mose T.'s
"During the late 1960s, boredom and long hours of idle time spawned his interest in art. Mose regularly worked with "pure house paint" on plywood; creating whimsical and sometimes erotic pictures of animals, humans, and flora. A "Quail Bird" may glide over a cotton field, or a spread-leg "Diana" may be straddled over "An Exercise Rack Bicycle. Self portraits with crutches are a repeated image, as are watermelons."

I love these pictures my friend has at his house. Check out the Christmas tree above
"Mose was dyslexic, which may have encouraged his artistic efforts by limiting his reading and writing abilities. He would often turn his paintings upside-down and paint the picture of perhaps an animal and landscape positioned from various directions."

Love the bird on the horse. I could see myself receiving this as a gift, hint hint. Below is a wall in my friends house that showcases his Mose T. collection. Jealous much?

"Tolliver's work has been exhibited at the Philadelphia College of Art, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, and the Cocoran Gallery of Art. In 1993, a retrospective of his work was held at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City."

"Mose Tolliver died on October 30, 2006 at a hospital in Montgomery, Alabama from pneumonia, aged 82. Numerous works by Tolliver (or those completed by family members but purported to be those of Mose) still remain available on the open market via wholesale art houses."

Really loving the Indian!
All of the quotes/italics are from Wikipedia. Don't want anyone thinking I am plagiarizing.
Can you believe that I read were this one woman was actually plagiarising another woman's blog? YES, she was actually taking one woman's posts, changing a few names, and making this stranger's experiences, feelings, and emotion her own. Isn't that sick? But, that is a blog for another day.
Thanks for putting up with me.

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