Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lunch and a Museum

I had lunch with a friend today. For many years I had wanted to see his home (built in the 1800's) and his works of art. Finally he agreed to show me. It was like going to a museum! I loved all the pieces - they were all so eclectic, but he has arranged them so well, it just all worked! I love it (means I am jealous). He really has a gift.

This is in the living room looking towards the front door. A lovely home - loved the layout, and the colors he has chosen. Lots of sunshine. Loved the old mirror to the right of the door with the virgin mary statue (no, he is not Catholic - but it works!)
This is the other end of the room. See what I mean about how everything works together. Loving the fire place.

In the dining this wall color too.

He has a collection of paintings by artisit Bernice Sims - an artist from Georgiana, AL. She started painting after a visit to Mose Tolliver's (Mose T.) house in 1984.

And speaking of Mose friend has a hallway lined with his paintings. I just love the simplicity of the art. My mom also has a Mose T. but her's is not as big as any of these.

As you can see, it was like going to a museum...the furniture, art, vases, nicknacks...I loved it all!
Thanks for showing me your home and for the nice lunch!


Jamie said...

Is this Jimmy's house?

Ringo said...

I have a Mose T....loved him! His daughter Annie T is pretty fun too! I have a self-portrait of Mose T.

Ringo said...

your friend has a lovely home and some nice pieces ($$$$)

love folk art!!!