Friday, May 15, 2009


I really want to go see the King Tut exhibit in Atlanta. I looked on the internet, and next weekend is the last weekend. I think I will purchase 2 tickets, and then worry about finding someone to go with me.

This will not be the first time I have seen these amazing works of art. I first saw this exhibit in 1979 in New Orleans with my entire family and good family friends the Beasleys.

I believe not all of the items I saw in 1979 are in this exhibit because there are some items that Egypt will not let leave the country now. Still, I am sure is will be awe inspiring.

Atlanta, here I come.....

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annissa said...

I remember pouring over the souvenier book you brought back, in your room while listening to the Steve Martin Comedy album with the King Tut song playing!!