Wednesday, May 13, 2009


....Cockpit. I just read in the news that this helicopter pilot (in Los Angeles, of course) has had his license revoked because there was a video of him flying the helicopter while receiving oral sex. What a dumbass! It is one thing to commit the act while flying, but another to film it, and then let it be released on the internet.
He not only had his license revoked by the FAA, but then appealed the revocation to the NTSB. He also lost there. What in the world could he use as a defense. "It wasn't really that good, so I wasn't enjoying it that much....I was never out of control of the machine. She was never in the way." Give me a break!
The NTSB ruled "Both the pilot and the woman unfastened their safety restraints during the flight and that her body blocked his access to controls vital to operating the aircraft in an emergency."
"The pilot told the NTSB that he acted foolishly, but has become a much more responsible pilot since the incident."
Oh, is that so....what, does he only do it doggy style now while flying?

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