Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I might be going insane....

...I thought to myself a little bit ago. I use the back of my Useless Info daily calendar pages as scratch sheets. I was looking through a stack sitting on my desk, and I found this doodle. I knew I drew it, but could not for the life of me remember who I was drawing it for or even what in the hell it was. It really took me about 12 seconds of trying hard to remember before I could. I was afraid you were going to have to start calling me "Sybil."
Reflecting on it now, it all makes sense why I couldn't remember fast. See, this is a picture of some plants I bought. I was showing someone how I was going to plant it in the two pots I also bought. The reason it took me a minute is.....I haven't damn planted them yet, and I drew this 3 weeks ago!!!!

The lines coming off the front of the pot is replecating vinca spilling out over the sides and front. I didn't draw the vinca because whoever I was drawing for knew vinca and could picture it in their own head. Next time I should draw the complete plant. Maybe then I will recognize what the heck it was, even after 3 weeks.

Happy Wednesday!

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