Thursday, June 18, 2009


OK, I love hearing stories like this one...they just reassure me of my own sanity! (from FoxNews)

It appears there is a woman in Oregan named Miriam Sakewitz that is obsessed with bunnies. She is back in jail for violating her probation. Do you know what she was prohibited from? Coming within 100 yards of a rabbit. I kid you not.

She was first arrested in 2006 when police found 250 rabbits in her home. In 2007, she broke into the facility that was holding her rabbits and stole most of them back. She was arrested a few days later with 8 rabbits in the car with her. The other 130 were stashed away on a farm.
She went to court in April 2007 and was sentenced to 5 years probation, could not own animals, and could not go within 100 yards of a rabbit. (I think that last part is hilarious)

This Tuesday she was arrested at her hotel room for having 8 rabbits. Addiction - a hard rabbit to break! (get it, I used rabbit instead of habit! - I kill me)

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Wayne&Ang+baby said...

ok, A) that picture is TOO cute; B) that's just disturbing...not only that the lady was hording rabbits, but that the state actually toldher that she had to stay AWAY from them?!!?