Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hell of a scary night in Decatur last night. We had a severe thunderstorm...hail, high winds, trees down, limbs down. My power was out for 7:30 until 3:40 this morning. I was glad I had candles....
....these were so pretty and gave out a lot of light. They are actually the Glade oil candles. My house was smelling pretty good.

I got down the oil lamp Tim gave me. These things sure do come in handy. If you turn the wick up it will light up a room. I was bored after a while of sitting on the couch with Bikie; him wondering what in the hell was going on....
...I was glad when Rayray and her friends and Uncle Tim came over. Then it turned into a cereal eating, cheese and cracker chewing, beer drinking, candle-lit party. We can always make lemonade out of lemons!
Happy Tuesday

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